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Marty O’Brien, Elizabeth O’Brien and their family have been in the restaurant business for over 30 years pursuing their passion for food: cooking, baking, hosting and catering to satisfy the hearts of many people!

The inspiration for Pizza came after Marty spent time in Italy with Elizabeth and her two daughters, who were born in Rome, sampling authentic Roman and Neopolitan Pizza and traditional Tuscan and Roman cuisine.

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Brooklyn Old World Style

Fresh Mozzarella and topped with imported tomato sauce, extra virgin olive oil and pecorino Romano cheese (12”)


Traditional New York Style

Shredded Mozzarella and imported tomato sauce with Pecorino Romano cheese baked in our wood fire oven (16”)


Long Island Grandma Style

16” square, thick crust pizza cooked in an olive coated pan, topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.


Marty’s Washington D.C. White Pizza

Garlic, olive oil, fontina cheese, basil & ricotta cheese. 12”: $17.99/16”: $20.99.


The Mobster (Smokin' Goodfella)

Smoked mozzarella, wood fired red
pepper cream sauce, wood fired red, yellow and green peppers, sausage and onion, topped with imported Pecorino Romano cheese and basil. 12”: $16.99/16”: $19.99


The Rock

Brooklyn style pizza topped with mozzarella & burrata cheeses, salami, prosciutto, Calabrian spicy red peppers, tomato sauce, basil, arugula, olive oil and sea salt. 12”: $17.99/16”: $20.99


Isabella's Margherita

Typical Neapolitan pizza with fresh imported tomato sauce, mozzarella di Bufala, fresh basil, salt and extra virgin olive oil. 12”: $16.99/16”: $19.99


The Fig & The Pig

A classic white pizza smothered with fresh mozzarella, garlic and extra virgin olive oil, goat cheese, fresh figs, caramelized onion, spinach, artichoke, grape tomato, Prosciutto Di Parma topped with a balsamic fig jam honey reduction. 12”: $16.99/16”: $19.99


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What our Customer say

Karen V.

This was a first time visit, and it definitely will not be the last one. I was super impressed with this new pizzeria. It’s unique in many different ways. First of all, the smell of the wood fire oven immediately draws you in. The second thing you notice are the fresh loaves of Italian bread that they have displayed by the cashier…

Jpo Kes

We loved everything about this place! Delish food, great prices, clean restaurant & friendly people. What more could you want?

Tommy U.

Seriously legit pizza, best in Brandon for sure and possibly Tampa. Crust is perfectly crisp without being burnt, topping are fresh, high quality and generous. First visit I had the Margherita pizza and second visit had the White pizza with clams and bacon…

Christopher Polzella

The owner Marty is a great guy. Very welcoming. The same for his waiter John. I am in town for a business trip and the owner treated me like he knew me forever. After I had my pizza he invited me to sit at the bar with him and he gave me a couple of drinks on the house. I wish I found this place when I first arrived in Tampa. I will definitely be back next time I am in town.

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12:00pm – 9:00pm

12:00pm - 11pm

12:00pm - 10pm

12:00pm - 8pm

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