Our Story

Marty O’Brien, Elizabeth O’Brien and their family have been in the restaurant business for over 30 years pursuing their passion for food: cooking, baking, hosting and catering to satisfy the hearts of many people! 

The inspiration for Pizza came after Marty spent time in Italy with Elizabeth and her two daughters, who were born in Rome, sampling authentic Roman and Neopolitan Pizza and traditional Tuscan and Roman cuisine. The classic Margherita pizza in Naples and the Pizza Bianca in Rome tasted unlike any other Pizza he had sampled in America. Marty set out to learn the Art of making fresh pasta, homemade sauces, breads and Pizza with the enthusiasm to open a Pizzeria in the future. Marty spent two summers in Florence and Rome and then spent months in New York, Brooklyn and Staten Island to learn how to make the New York Style and Brick oven style Pizza.


In minutes the simplest things can become the most difficult and that is certainly true for our dough that we have spent over a year perfecting to find the right ingredients. The requirements are quite extensive, including the consistency of the finished product (soft, elastic and easy to fold). We balanced a perfect blend to make a crispy, crunchy shell offering a nice doughy flavor profile that cooks in three minutes!


We use only San Marzano imported Italian tomatoes combined with fresh herbs to create a balance that compliments all our fresh ingredients made in house daily.


Our Pizza is made with fresh Mozzarella cheese and topped with imported Marzano tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and the most important ingredient, where all the magic happens, in the hands of the pizza chef, Marty.

Marty brings combines his art, experience and expertise to create the authentic Italian pizza !!